Collaborative Action Research Studies

A vehicle for improving and sharing instructional practice

POPFASD provides inquiry grant funding to support BC educators to research, design, implement, and share collaborative inquiry which improves educational outcomes for students with FASD.

Sample Questions

We've complied a list of sample questions to help get you started.

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Action Research Guide for Alberta Teachers

This guide is intended to assist classroom teachers and school administrators in the development, implementation and publishing of an action research project.

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How to Conduct Action Research

Chapter 11: Conducting Teacher Action Research of this guide describes a process for conducting a teacher action research study.

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Spiral of Inquiry for Equity and Quality

This handbook is organized to provide you with specific inquiry tools, research evidence and examples from practice in BC schools.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can funding be used to purchase resources?

Yes, however, the focus for funding use is to facilitate collaborative enhancement of FASD knowledge and practice of educators.

Does the study have to involve more than one teacher?

Yes. Your study must involve at least two teachers, one must be a classroom teacher. We encourage projects that involve more than two teachers, other educators, and support studies that include more than one school.

When will I hear if the application is successful or not?

Once any clarification requests from POPFASD have been addressed, applications will be passed on to the Steering Committee for review and approval determination. A response will be sent to the project leader by POPFASD within three weeks of submission.

Who do I submit my completed application to?

Completed applications for projects to be undertaken during the current school year will be accepted electronically at any time during the year up to May 31st, while funding is available.

What do I need to do to receive the grant funds?

The POPFASD Steering Committee will review all proposal submissions to ensure they meet the set criteria, make recommendations as needed, and respond within three weeks of submission. For proposals that are approved, funds will be sent from the POPFASD office to an identified district contact who will be responsible for the fund's account.

What reports do I need to complete and what is the timeline?

Path One applicants must complete a final report.

Path Two applicants must complete an interim report approximately midway through the study and a final report at the end of the study. Materials, resources, data, and all other study products must be provided to POPFASD. These will be shared with others on our POPFASD website. Path Two applicants must also share their process and results at our annual District Partner Meeting held in November.

Path One timeline - six months

Path Two timeline - one calendar year