is the most effective method of reducing the impact of FASD


This prevention module shares important concepts related to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). Education and awareness of this condition is the key to prevention and supporting healthy pregnancies. Within this module you will find: a powerpoint presentation, educator guide, lesson plan, videos, resources, activities, assessment options, engaging case studies, and much more!

Although this presentation is intended to require minimal initial FASD knowledge or experience, it is recommended to build some background knowledge and review the additional information in the educator lesson plan and guide before presenting. This module has been created so that the content can be shared in one session (45-60 minutes).

There are 2 options to presenting this prevention module:

  1. Teacher led - use the powerpoint, educator guide, and lesson plan to teach your chosen content at your own pace (videos are embedded in the powerpoint).
  2. POPFASD led - Play the videos in Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, including videos from "additional resources." The POPFASD teacher will present the content and lead the learning activities found within the videos.

Part One

Topics Covered

  • What is FASD?
  • What causes FASD?
  • What does FASD look like?
  • Why are we talking about FASD?

Additional Resources

How much alcohol is safe?

Part Two

Topics Covered

  • Strengths and challenges
  • Characteristics associated with FASD
  • Impacts associated with FASD

Additional Resources

FASD: I Struggle, but I also succeed.

Part Three

Topics Covered

  • What is stigma?
  • Stigma towards pregnant women and girls
  • Stigma towards individuals with FASD
  • Stigma and it's impact on prevention

Additional Resources

Stop the Stigma

Breaking Down the Stigma

Part Four

Topics Covered

  • How can FASD be prevented?
  • Important conversations for prevention
  • Seven ways to support women and girls who are pregnant
  • Community support and resources

Additional Resources

Indigenous Approaches to FASD Prevention: Brief Interventions with Girls and Women

Girls, Alcohol and Pregnancy: Information for Service Providers

Young Women, Alcohol and Pregnancy: Information for Service Providers

Class Activities