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Free, four-module, introductory level training available to educators in British Columbia, Canada (teachers, EAs, administrators, student services staff, etc.). Each module is a live session between 60 and 90 minutes long. Two training tracks - certified or non-certified.

If you are interested in registering as a student team, please contact your District Partner.

Certified Track

FASD 101

Non-certified Track

FASD 101

Certified Non-Certified
4 live sessions
60-90 minute sessions
Optional activities


Using web casting technology, POPFASD is able to deliver flexible FASD workshops to any school site in British Columbia. These FREE workshops range from 30 minutes to 3.0 hours, and require a designated person at each site to manage the technology.

Schools/Districts have been using FASDcasts:

  • as part of Staff Meetings (we can offer a series of shorter FASDcasts if desired)
  • to build the knowledge/understanding of their teams who are supporting specific students
  • to provide information to individual staffs, district groups, and specific groups of educators on Pro D days

For specific examples of how schools/districts have used FASDcasts,click here.

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POPFASD provides face-to-face workshops for school district groups and many of our educator training colleges/universities at no charge. Our workshops can range from 1.5 hours to 2-days, depending on the needs of the district.

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