Thunder Bay bar unveils pregnancy test dispenser

A Thunder Bay bar is now first in Canada to offer pregnancy tests in its women's washroom. 

At $3 per test, they're also less expensive than pregnancy tests from the pharmacy.

Marilyn Leiterman of Healthy Brains for Children said the eye-catching dispensing machine provides much more than tests.

“The awareness component ... is huge,” she said. “It's absolutely crucial."

Leiterman said she hopes seeing the dispenser will prompt women to learn about fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and to think about whether there's any possibility they could be pregnant before drinking.

The Implications of Neuroplasticity for a Brain Affected by FASD

In this session published by The Alberta Learning Series, Dr. Bryan Kolb will review the principles of brain plasticity and brain development. He will discuss brain plasticity in a brain affected by FASD as well as the implications for interventions.


APP FASD: Support and Education for Parents of People with FASD

Network Evening

“A Party for You and Your Child”

At the next APP FASD network evening, you and your child are invited to a winter holiday party. There will be craft making and lots of time to visit with other families while sharing a meal.  All ages of children are welcome, (even adults).  Parents are welcome to attend on their own; however, each child, teen or young adult must be accompanied by a parent.
This will be an opportunity for creativity, networking and fun!
Thursday 5th December 2013 from 6:30 pm – 8:30pm
A light meal and refreshments will be provided.
$10 per adult/child “team”

Senator Lisa Murkowski addresses FASD

Making Connections Conference 2013

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Myles Himmelreich - 'an FASD Success Story'

Free Event!

This event is for EVERYONE and may be particularly interesting to parents/caregivers of people with FASD (or other brain differences), people who live with FASD and their supports; social workers, community service providers, justice workers, educators and recreation workers.     

Where: Thunder Bird Hall, Campbell River, BC 

When: 9 - 11 am, Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013   

FASD - Neurobehavioral: A Brain Based Approach

This workshop is based on a neurobehavioral framework that evolved from the clinical practice of Diane Malbin.  Successful projects testing this approach have been conducted locally and internationally, including the British Columbia Province-wide cross-Ministry approach to addressing FASD.  Diane is also a parent of two adults with FASD.

This workshop is organized by the FASD Awareness Committee. 

Presenter: Diane Malbin

Date and Time: October 29, 2013, 9am to 4 pm

Cost: $125 (Refreshments, Baked Goods and lunch provided)

Where: Ramada Hotel and Conference Centre, 2170 Harvey Ave., Kelowna, BC

To register, go to>the Learning Center>eReg

For additional help registering, please contact:


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