The FASD Success Show - Episode 002 - CanFASD Executive Director Audrey McFarlane

Date Reviewed Mar 2022
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This is an episode from The FASD Success Show podcast.

From the podcast description:

In The FASD Success Show, Jeff [Noble] and his gang of FASD Insiders will talk about FASD in a real way so that you can learn how to deal and cope with FASD in REAL life, to be a better advocate and a more confident caregiver.

From the episode description:

Watch out! In this episode Jeff interviews his first guest and he's not joking around! Meet Audrey McFarlane. Audrey is the Executive Director for The Canada FASD Network. If you have ever thought to yourself, "what the heck does CanFASD even really do?" then you are in for a treat.

Listen in as Jeff and Audrey get right down to business and find out what CANFASD is up to these days and how they are burning the midnight oil on all things FASD.