POPFASD TalkED - Episode 05 - FASD Informed Strategies - Consistency and Teamwork


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Date Reviewed Feb 2020
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Welcome to our podcast TalkEd! Included in the TALKeD podcast is a special series, titled “FASD Informed Classroom Strategies.” This series features BC educators sharing FASD Informed Strategies that are making a difference for students in their classrooms and schools. In this episode we talk with a BC Educator who shares her experience in implementing FASD-informed strategies. She also describes the positive outcomes of taking the training as a team and how that built knowledge and consistency in their approach.

In this episode, the educator mentioned using the LEIC to support thier student. The LEIC Planning page is an informal tool that was created by the POPFASD team. It incorporates information from the field of FASD and effective student planning practices. The purpose for the tool is to guide a constructive and positive conversation about a student, focusing on the student's strengths and needs. The tool is most effectively used when all team members have a solid understanding of FASD.

Click on "LEIC" to download the LEIC Planning tool (available in both French and English) - LEIC

As well, the importance of addressing the environment also was shared as an important factor for supporting thier student. Here is a link for our Environment Brochure- a brochure that provides strategies for setting up a classroom environment to create a supportive environment for learners with FASD and complex learning needs (available in both French and English) -Environment Brochure

POPFASD TalkED - Episode 05 - FASD Informed Strategies - Consistency and Teamwork
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