POPFASD TalkED - Episode 02 - FASD Day


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Date Reviewed Sep 2019
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All across Canada and US there are passionate people organizing great events and activities to raise awareness of FASD. This episode highlights some of those people and the organizations as they share what they have planned for FASD Day (and month). From coast-to-coast-to-coast we hear why it is important to participate in this events and continue to encourage our communities to be involved as we work together to change the conversation from one of stigma and shame to hope and success. In these episodes you'll find great ideas and inspiration to consider for FASD DAY 2020 or,of course, through out the year as we strive to provide support around education, prevention and services for those impacted by prenatal alcohol exposure.

Show Notes: NB FASD Centre of Excellence website: http://www.vitalitenb.ca/en/points-service/health-centres-and-clinics/new-brunswick-fetal-alcohol-spectrum-disorder-fasd-centre-excellence/videos-and-testimonies

Links to our interviews in French: https://ici.radio-canada.ca/premiere/emissions/la-matinale with FASD Community coordinator and also parent of an adoptive child who is living with FASD.

Annette Cormier, Maria DesRoche and Nadine Cormier (FASD Community Coordinators) https://www.cjse.ca/programmation/ppjj/

POPFASD TalkED - Episode 02 - FASD Day
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