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Understanding Mental Health: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

by Ellen Rodger and Rosie Gowsell; Crabtree Publishing Company; 2014

This book gives an overview of the mental, behavioral, and physical impairments of FASD, as well as new research, treatments and methods for managing behavioral issues.

Mental Health in Schools

by Howard S. Adelman and Linda Taylor; Corwin Press; 2010

In this book, two nationally known experts describe a new approach to school-based mental health—one that better serves students, maximizes resources, and promotes academic performance.

The School Counselor's Mental Health Disorders in the Regular Classroom

by Rick Auger; Corwin Press; 2011

Rick Auger describes the common mental health disorders and strategies with a balance of simplicity and clinical depth. This time-saving resource gives busy school counselors strategies for helping students succeed in school and in life.

Teaching Kids with Mental Health & Learning Disorders in the Regular Classroom

by Myles L. Colley; Free Spirit Publishing; 2007

The heart of this book deals with mental health conditions and learning disorders that are likely to be present in today’s classrooms, including anxiety and mood disorders, communication disorders, learning disabilities, and social/relational disorders. Each disorder or condition is described in jargon-free terms with the specific behaviors and symptoms to look for. Then user-friendly classroom strategies and interventions are given, along with suggested professional treatment that may be needed.

The Teacher's Guide to Student Mental Health

by William Dikel; W.W. Norton & Company; 2014

This practical book provides essential information on how mental health disorders are diagnosed and treated, how they tend to manifest at school, and how they affect students’ emotions, behaviors, and ability to learn. It explains why traditional behavioral interventions are often unsuccessful, and describes effective classroom interventions that teachers can use to provide optimal educational experiences.

Downloadable Print Resources

Welcome to Child and Youth Mental Health Services

BC Ministry of Children and Family Development

To reduce the burden of suffering resulting from children's mental illness, child and youth mental health services are offered throughout British Columbia by the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD). These services provide a wide range of community-based specialized mental health services to mentally ill children and their families.

When Something's Wrong: Strategies for Teachers

Healthy Minds Canada

A quick reference guide of useful classroom strategies to help elementary and secondary school teachers and administrators understand and assist students with mood, behaviour or thinking problems. The handbook, now in its fifth printing (2015) and up-to-date with the DSM-V, is made up of sections covering Anxiety Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Mood Disorders, Substance and Addictions Disorders, Eating Disorders, Impulse and Conduct Disorders, Neurodevelopmental and Behavioural Disorders, Schizophrenia, Self-Harm, and Resources. Each disorder section describes the disorder, lists behaviour characteristics, and offers strategies for coping, and relevant resources. HMC’s three-volume handbook series When Something’s Wrong, is designed to assist teachers, families, and employers in identifying and managing mental health and addictions issues in their respective environments.

Supporting Minds

Government of Ontario

The Ontario Ministry of Education has developed a K-12 resource guide to provide educators with information on the early signs of mental health and addiction problems, along with strategies that can be used in the classroom to support students.

Making a Difference - An Educator's Guide to Child and Youth Mental Health Problems

Student Support Leadership Initiative, Hamilton District Team

The Making a Difference guide is a 92 page resource that consists of 4-8 page sections on different of mental health issues (i.e., anxiety, attention problems, mood disorders, behaviour problems, eating disorders, self-harm, psychosis and substance use issues). The guide outlines the importance of mental health and how to discuss mental health in the school setting.

Mental Health and High School: Curriculum Guide

by Dr. Stan Kutcher and Ms. Yifeng Wei of Dalhousie University and the IWK Health Center; original guide created by the Canadian Mental Health Association

The guide, developed in partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association, focuses on training teachers to be comfortable with their own knowledge of mental health and mental disorders. The guide then empowers the teachers to share this knowledge with their students through a curriculum delivered in a multiple module format.


Teen Mental Health

A great website full of information to help you: learn more about mental health disorders; live with mental health disorders; and support someone living with mental health disorders. is the only national network of young leaders transforming the way we think about mental health. With initiatives and programs designed for young people, by young people, their goal is to end stigma in our generation.

Mind Check

This website is designed to help youth and young adults in British Columbia check out how they’re feeling and quickly connect to mental health resources and support.

Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre

The Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre is a provincial resource centre that provides mental health and substance use information, resources, and peer support to children, youth and their families from across BC.

Mind Your Mind

mindyourmind is a space for youth and young adults (14-24) to find support when going through tough times.

National Alliance on Mental Illness

NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.

Healthy Minds Canada

Healthy Minds Canada (HMC) is a national charity that raises funds to support mental health research and education, and to raise awareness into and about mental illness and addictions. Healthy Minds Canada created the "When Something's Wrong" series of guides