Provincial Outreach Program for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder


Processing Speed and Anxiety - How the can affect each other. How we can help.

Sep 20, 2016

This article explores how slow processing speed can increase anxiety and how anxiety can affect processing speed. The article also provides some practical solutions that will help students with processing speed issues. 



Alberta Learning Series - Supporting Students with FASD Through Formal Mentorship

Sep 20, 2016

The Alberta Learning Series continues to provide excellent webcast learning opportunities.  This Thursday, September 22nd, 9:00-10:30 (MDT) the webcast will be about the Wellness, Resiliency, and Partnership Projects (WRaP). 

Further information and registration information is available at:  Alberta Learning Series.


UBC-led researchers uncover genetic effects of FASD

Sep 14, 2016

Canadian researchers are one step closer to uncovering a biomarker associated with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder after identifying distinct patterns associated with the DNA of children who were exposed to alcohol in the womb.…


9 Ways to Show Empathy

Jun 27, 2016

Here are nine great ways to support and show empathy for students with learning and attention stretches!



Media Portrayal of FASD - Sympathy, Shame, and a Few Solutions

Jun 23, 2016

A recent study out of Australia looks athe the role the media plays in disseminating information about alcohol use, pregnany, and FASD.  The study identifies ways to improve associated health messages.




Pilot Study Looks at Prevalence of Autism Among Individuals with FASD

Jun 23, 2016

A new pilot study looked at case reports to determine the prevalence of autism, number of children diagnosed with FASD and other demographic data and found that the prevalence of autism among those with FASD was higher than the prevalence of autism among the general Canadian population.



Talking About FASD

Jun 21, 2016

This FASDNews article discusses the many considerations around telling your child that they live with FASD.



Helping Kids Manage Screen Time

Jun 15, 2016

This website provides some great, practical tips for helping children manage screen time, particularly as we move into summer holidays where they may be more likely to fill their day with television and computer time.



Alcohol and FASD: It's not just about women

Jun 8, 2016

An article published by Canada FASD Research Network discusses two recent analyses of studies showing that paternal factors, and alcohol use, in particular, play a larger role in fetal/child health than just passing along genes.