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There are so many websites on the web with the topic of FASD. Here are some great websites about FASD and other related topics. Please let us know if you have a website you think we should share.

Accessible Resource Centre – British Columbia

The Accessible Resource Centre – British Columbia is a BC Ministry of Education funded response to the increasing demand for digital or alternate format alternatives to print in BC classrooms. The goal of ARC-BC is to provide BC students with perceptual disabilities and the educators supporting them with high quality digital alternate format materials based on the BC K-12 curriculum.

(link updated Mar. 2017)


  • a BC Ministry of Education provincial resource program
  • their site is designed to help teachers, parents and para-professionals access information about autism spectrum disorders
  • the website includes resources, a list of workshop opportunities, a list of services, a blog and several excellent eLearning modules
  • many of the resources and teaching strategies may be applicable to some students with FASD

(link updated Mar. 2017)

Disability Alliance BC

  • Disability Alliance BC is an umbrella group whose membership includes people with all types of disabilities
  • (link updated Mar. 2017)

    Teaching to Diversity

    • a shared project of BCTF Research, Special Education Association, Learning Assistance Teachers\' Association, and English as a Second Language Provincial Specialist Association
    • purpose of the website:
      • maximize support for all students in the BC education system, especially those who receive Special Education, Learning Assistance or ESL services
      • provide teachers with access to information about teaching to diversity
      • provide resources that can be used by teachers to further their professional development
      • provides information, resources, strategies, contacts, etc.

    Link updated Mar 2017)

    The Canada Northwest FASD Network

    As we deliver workshops around the province, we are often asked for “how can we keep up to date with research”? Through our POPFASD website, we attempt to keep you “current’ and to advise you on relevant news. For a great source of current research visit The Canada Northwest FASD Research Network (

    “The Canada Northwest FASD Research Network aims to build research capacity across Western Canada and the Territories to address high priority research questions, to devise more effective prevention and support strategies for women, for individuals with FASD and their families, and to better inform policy”.

    (link updated Feb 2016)

    Collaborative Initiative on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (CIFASD)

    • The purpose of this consortium is to inform and develop effective interventions and treatment approaches for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), through multidisciplinary research involving basic, behavioral and clinical investigators and projects.
    • Information about their key research projects, including animal studies and 3-D facial imaging
    • Website also includes videos, data sharing, resource links

    Date posted: April, 2015

    Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Canadian Guidelines for diagnosis

    • provides the updated Canadian guidelines for the diagnosis of FASD
    • published in 2015

    (link updated Mar. 2017)


    • educational resources for those with autism, learning disabilities, and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
    • picture cards for building schedules, timetables, math grids, print out cards for use in communication skills, facial expressions game, etc.
    • related research such as "Grant Develops Free Computer Games and Songs to Help Children with FAS"

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    The Asante Centre

    The Asante Centre site provides information and resources on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other complex developmental needs, as well as details on the Asante Centre and its services.  The Asante Centre is located in the downtown core of Maple Ridge, BC, Canada.  Governed by the FASD Society for BC, we offer assessment, diagnostic and family support services based on a multidisciplinary team approach for children, youth and adults suspected of living with FASD, ASD and other brain-based disabilities.  We are proud to also collaborate to offer training and education, research opportunities, resource development and more.

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    • Diane Malbin
    • content: understanding FASD, bibliography, services, resources, personal stories, training schedule, marketplace....and more

    (link updated Mar. 2017)

    The FASD Learning Series

    The FASD Learning Series helps individuals with FASD and their caregivers to learn more about FASD and how to support a person with FASD. The webcast and videoconference educational sessions cover a broad range of topics that target both urban and rural audiences.

    (link updated May 2016)

    FASD Intervention

    • supported by Intervention Network Action Team (iNAT) of the Canadian FASD Research Network (CANFASD)
    • shares current news, events, research, resources, and perspectives on interventions for individuals affected by FASD across the lifespan.

    (link updated Mar. 2017)

    Middlesex-London, Ontario Health Unit: Health Topics

    Middlesex-London, Ontario health unit site has information on sexual health, birth control, relationships, sexually transmitted infections, games, quizzes and videos.

    Link updated Nov. 2014)

    UBC Interprofessional Continuing Education

    Features conferences and presentations, including the International and National FASD Conferences

    (link updated Mar. 2017)

    Learning Tools 4 All

    • presented at BCCase April 2010
    • "Many high quality digital learning tools are already in our schools, or are readily available to learners everywhere. The purpose of this presentation is to increase awareness of some of these powerful options. These tools have the potential to benefit all learners, especially many of those with what we refer to as high incidence special needs."
    • Link updated Mar. 2017)

      Ministry of Children and Family Development FASD Index

      (links updated Mar. 2017)


      • MOTHERISK: "Treating the mother - Protecting the unborn"
      • the official journal of the FACE Research Network
      • open access to many research articles

      (link updated Mar. 2017)

      Kids Brain Health Network

      • the vision of NeuroDevNet researchers, whose expertise ranges from child development to brain imaging, genetics and developmental biology, is to accelerate the pace of understanding the causes of neurological deficits, with an initial focus on autism spectrum disorder, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and cerebral palsy.
      • content includes research, events, news and press releases.

      Link updated Mar. 2017)

      National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

      • the National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is dedicated to eliminating birth defects caused by alcohol consumption during pregnancy and to improving the quality of life for those affected individuals and families
      • the website provides descriptions of their many programs and resourses, including: Circle of Hope and a K-12 FASD Curriculum
      • provides links to resources, a listserve, Journal articles, and events
      • provides web-based training for medical and allied health professionals, as well as a certification program for FASD Trainers
      • access to specific information regarding FASD for Educators, Advocates, Expectant Mothers, People living with FASD, and Health Care Professionals

      Link updated Mar. 2017)


      This website provides information and links to the British Columbia Ministry of Education's Provincial Outreach Programs that help meet the educational needs of low-incidence students in BC school districts.

      Link updated Mar. 2017)

      BC Representative for Children and Youth

      • this is the website of the BC Representative for Children and Youth
      • the Representative for Children and Youth supports children, youth and families who need help in dealing with the child welfare system, and advocates for changes to the system itself

      Link updated Mar. 2017)


      • a BC Ministry of Education provincial resource program
      • SET-BC develops and provides assistive technology solutions to BC school districts to assist students with disabilities
      • the website provides an extensive collection of assistive technology resources, eLearning modules, online workshops, success stories, and a listing of training opportunities

      Link updated Mar. 2017)

      FASD Support Network of Saskatchewan

      • the FASD Support Network of Saskatchewan is a parent-led organization for individuals with FASD and their families:
      • many resources, including 20 FASD Tips for Parents and Caregivers, quarterly network newsletters, a question and answer section, website links and various brochures are available
      • the FASD Support Network also publishes two issues a year of the Living with FASD journal; this is available on the website

      Link updated Mar. 2017)

      • this website was developed by Alberta educators and health professionals to help achieve excellence in teaching sexual health
      • it is divided into 3 resource areas for parents, teachers and students
      • for educators, it provides evidence-based sexual health education background and delivery methods, current lesson plans and activities, comprehensive resources and a teachers\' lounge where educators can connect
      • as well, some lesson plans are available in french.

      Link updated Mar. 2017)

      • The Teen Transition Planning System was established to provide a comprehensive training and support mechanism for families and professionals throughout BC.
      • The website currently offers information about workshops and training for Transition Coordinators, Path Facilitators and parents.
      • There is also a hub area which provides transitioning information, tools and resources.

      Date posted: June, 2013

      Whitecrow Village FASD Society

      Whitecrow Village FASD Society is a non-profit, charitable organisation committed to improving the lives of those who are affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and educating communities and professionals about this prominent neuro-developmental disability.

      Link updated Nov. 2010)